What is Stress Management Coaching?


Stress management coaching is about the coach teaming up with you to help you to delve into your inner wisdom and find your way back to your natural state of being happy, healthy and stress-free. In the fast-paced life that you live, stress can take over causing you to lose track of your dreams and your purpose. When this happens, you can start to feel bored with life, morose, or unfulfilled and if these feelings are ignored, an underlying sense of dissatisfaction and anger can manifest. 

Stress management coaching supports you in getting back on your path and giving you a structure to work within to find your way back to being happy and healthy.

The coach meets the client as a partner not as an "expert" who is there to "fix" the client. As a team, they create what Kathleen Barry Ingram refers to as "the sacred space of possibility." The coach, utilizing strategies such as power questions, reframing, and clearing, assists the client in uncovering erroneous thought patterns and moving through blockages that are keeping them from reaching their desired goals. Once this is completed, the coach and client are able to strategize and develop a plan of action, which will lead the client to where they want to be in their life.




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