A 28-Day Creativity Challenge

I have decided to do a 28-day creativity challenge during February. It is an opportunity to embrace my intuitive, creative side every day. I'm also looking at it as an opportunity to cleanse the negativity and defeatist thinking that is keeping me from creating something every day. This endeavor is a multifaceted project; there are many outcomes that I want to create with this project. 

I want to get the word out into the world that I am creating art and offering it for sale. I am what I refer to as a Little Red Hen kind of gal, "I'll do it myself." I have realized that I can't do everything by myself so I have given myself the difficult task (for me) of asking my friends for help. Over the last handful of years, many of my FaceBook friends have been watching my art skills develop. They have been liking my posts and giving me kind words of encouragement and praise for what I am doing. I have even had a few folks tell me that I have inspired them to start down their own creative path. I am now turning to my family and friends to ask for their continued encouragement and support in this project.

I want to be completely transparent about my intended outcome of this project, so here it is in no particular order:

1) I want to get over my issue with asking for money for my art. If I am going to make money as an artist, I need to get over this, like NOW! ;-)

2) I want to work through whatever negative thinking is keeping me out of my studio. I am going to do this by sharing this announcement with all my family and friends, and if I make a commitment to something and I am pretty good at keeping that commitment, especially if I know that people are keeping tabs on my progress.

3) I want to make this fun for everyone who is supporting me on this endeavor. I am going to be posting my daily art piece on this blog and offering the artwork for $10 plus shipping and handling. My friends that are close by, like a reasonable driving distance, we can work out a personal delivery, as that would allow us to have a visit and I could thank you in person for your support.

3) I also want to increase my mailing list. I can reassure you that I will not be sending you endless emails hounding you to purchase my work. I will be emailing you once a day during February, and then will be letting you know when I have a new blog post up on my website. I am going to try to make that a weekly happening, but... it may be less frequent. I will also be sending an email to let you know when I have put a new piece of work on my website.

4) I am hoping that you will share what I am doing with your friends and loved ones that you think might be interested in reading my blog posts and possibly buy some art as well. Most of my posts will deal with creativity, not just art, and creativity seeps into all aspects of our lives. To be honest, retirement from public education is not that far off (and not soon enough!), and I want to have the next phase of my life be one of me making decent money as an artist. To do that, I need to start developing a following and start getting know, and I need help with that.

5) I want to develop a following on my blog. I have always been a person who has wanted to help people be happier in their lives. I have been attempting to do that as a school psychologist for the last 22 years, and I want to continue that with my blog. I want to share information and strategies that people can implement to bring more, peace, joy, and happiness into their lives. So please help me spread the word.

That is all for now, but stay tuned and make sure you have left me your email address so I can let you know when my posts go up in February.

In Gratitude,


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