Day 13 of the 28-Day Creativity Challenge

Today was a rough day. I had a kid at school who was having a bad day, and I spent most of my day with him. By the time I got home, I really didn't feel like being creative. I wanted to take a hot bath and curl up with a good art book, but I had this damn challenge, so I dragged myself into the studio. Tonight I felt like I was doing hand-to-hand with this piece. Everything I did I had to fix, or rip out, or scrap away. It was extremely frustrating. Finally, I decided to walk away and write today's blog. I got out my laptop, opened it up, sat down, and then immediately bounced up, went back and finished the painting.

It can be very beneficial to walk away and shift my thinking, even if it's for just a moment. It can free ideas up and shake them loose. Frustration, for me, is not a state of mind that is conducive to being creative. Taking deep breaths, thinking of something else, or just walking away is what I need to do.

While today's pieces aren't what I would call a masterpiece or a fabulous work of art, they were helpful in reminding me to shift out of a negative frame of mind before creating. Being mindful of my current state and knowing how to manage or channel that emotion is a crucial element in being creative.

In Gratitude, Karen


Designed 2019 by Karen Lindstrom Painting by Natalia Bystrianyk

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