Day 15 and counting!

When I saw this little balsa wood box, I knew I had to get it and do something with it. Today I wanted to keep things simple. I painted the box with gold encaustic paint and added a few pieces of glitter to jazz up the lid, and that was it. I love the way the gold wax glimmers and sparkles, it makes it look like it a bar of solid gold!

Many times when I am working, I think that what I'm making has to be elaborate and multi-layered. When I keep things simple, I don't feel like I am being creative. Sometimes I have to remind myself that creativity isn't measured by the complexity of the piece. Does that ever happen to you?

See the beauty in the simple and have a wonderful weekend.

In Gratitude, Karen

Midas Touch


Designed 2019 by Karen Lindstrom Painting by Natalia Bystrianyk

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