Day 24 Bit By The Tidying Bug

Today I got creative in a very different kind of way than all of my other posts. I cleaned and organized my studio, well, at least two-thirds of it got done. I haven't been able to work well in there the few days. I was cramped, and I kept getting paint and ink all over stuff that I didn't want ink and paint on! I have also been looking for something that I know is in my studio, but I can't find it anywhere.

When I walked into my studio today, I knew that I was going to have to spend the time I had available for being creative on getting things tidied up. I'm thrilled with the results. I think that with the way things are now there will be a lot less wandering around. The things that I need will be at my fingertips, and I know where things are now, well except for that one thing I couldn't find.

For me having an organized and clear workspace is vital for creativity. When my space is messy, I can't work, I can't think, I can't be creative. I feel better now that things are tidy, and I'm sure I will find being creative much easier.

In Gratitude, Karen

A Tidy Studio

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