Day 3 of the 28-Day Creativity Challenge

I'm delighted with my work from today. Everything came together easily, and I am happy with the way it looks. As I was making this piece, I realized that Valentine's Day is coming up and that this piece is definitely in the spirit of love. In continuing with the unzipped theme, I wanted to convey what can happen if you unzip your heart and allow it to open up to all the possibilities around you. I wanted to express that there are many facets to love. I'm tickled by how the unzipped heart also looks like a butterfly. I had to get creative in finding a zipper that would work, because the zipper I purchased for this piece was too long. I ended up cannibalizing an old makeup case for the zipper, and it works perfectly.

May your life be filled with love in all of its facets.

In Gratitude, Karen


Designed 2019 by Karen Lindstrom Painting by Natalia Bystrianyk

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