Day 5 of The 28-Day Creativity Challenge

I started this creativity challenge out with a zipper series and during the same meditation session that fomented that spurt of creativity I had the idea of doing something about superheroes.(This idea will be continued tomorrow) My thought was to get people thinking about all of the societal stressors that they battle every day and realize that they have a superhero within. When we are fighting the negativity in this world, we dip inside and find our strength and that allows us to do the unfathomable.

Figuring out how to execute this idea was challenging. I wasn't sure if the shirt would adhere and I wasn't sure how to attach the part of the shirt that wasn't waxed to the panel. I will be honest and say that the piece isn't completed, but I believe that I can staple it to the back of the panel. I will be calling on my brother to be an extra pair of hands, so I don't ruin this piece while stapling the shirt to the back of the panel! We will see how it goes.

In Gratitude, Karen

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Designed 2019 by Karen Lindstrom Painting by Natalia Bystrianyk

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