Day 6 of the 28-Day Creativity Challenge​​​

When I first came up with this idea, I thought of doing Superman, yesterday's post. However, when I thought about it, I realized that it was gender bias, even though I was just thinking about it without gender at all. I was just thinking of the essence of a superhero, what they stood for. When I started thinking about putting the labels on (see yesterdays post), I realized that the societal norms and pressures for men and women are so different that I really need to do a piece to speak to each gender. When I went to Goodwill and found this silk shirt, I knew I had to do a WonderWoman painting. I loved Linda Carter as Wonderwoman in the 70s, and I watched that show religiously. I was also awestruck by Gal Godot in the recent movie. Her power, compassion, and indignation at injustice spoke to me. I found her to beautifully embody the beauty and strength of women. I had initially thought that I would put labels of societal expectations for women on this as I had done with the Superman piece, but as I spread the wax on the silk and saw the subtle transparency I knew that I had to leave it as it is. Women have to hide their power and be very subtle about how they show their strength and I felt the slightly obscured nature of the logo through the shirt was a beautiful metaphor. I also really love the way that the wax and this silk reacted to each other and I thought that putting words on this piece would take away from its beauty.

That changing of ideas and the need to be flexible with my plans is a beautiful part of being creative. Working with encaustics, it can be wonderfully surprising what happens when one combine elements and ends up with something different. I love working with encaustic because of the way it blends with various porous elements.

I have done 6 collages so far in this challenge, and I know there will be more because working with wax is so conducive to collage, but tomorrow I think I am going to just do an abstract painting. But then again, I never know what might happen, so stay tuned!!

In gratitude, Karen

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